For your Fitbit smartwatch

For your Fitbit smartwatch

For your Fitbit smartwatch

We build clockfaces and apps for Fitbit Sense, Versa, and Ionic smartwatches.


Unfortunately Fitbit has denied 3rd-party developers from creating installable apps for the Sense 2 and Versa 4 (link). Feel free to complain to Fitbit regarding this decision.

Fitbit Clockfaces

Blue Marble

Displays the current view of the Earth, showing daylight area, cloud coverage, temperatures, and more.


Daily Steps

Displays a 24-hour chart of your daily activities.


Fair Tides

View the daily tide chart courtesy of NOAA (USA only). Weather conditions and forecast available via NOAA or Yahoo weather services.

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Put your favorite pictures on your wrist! Just tap to see the next one or cycle through automatically.

Cost: $1.29   trial: 72 hours


Uses the accelerometer to create an optical illusion.

Cost: $1.49   trial: 1 hour


Displays public Flickr images based on your current location.

Cost: $1.89   trial: 1 hour


Put your favorite pictures on your wrist! Just tap to see the next one or cycle through automatically.

Cost: $1.79   trial: 48 hours

Web Images

Send an image from your phone or laptop camera to your smart watch.

Cost: $2.99   trial: 2 days

Fitbit Apps

Chess Puzzles

101 chess boards, each a few moves away from a winning checkmate.

Cost: $1.89   trial: 1 hour

Dino Jump

Avoid the prickly cacti and pterodactyls and see how far you can run across the desert.

Cost: $1.29   trial: 1 hour

Fair Tides

View the daily tide chart courtesy of NOAA (USA only). Weather conditions and forecast available via NOAA or Yahoo weather services.

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Hand X-Ray

Use your watch as an x-ray scanner.



Complete the visual puzzles - hours of challenging fun!

Cost: $1.89   trial: 1 hour


Display a map on your wrist, with panning, zooming, and realtime tracking.


Peg Solitaire

The classic peg jump removal game, shrunk to your watch.


Pocket Glider

Fly a paper glider through a house, using heat sources to keep you aloft.

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Pocket Golf

Play golf! Drag on the screen to drive the ball. Three 18-hole courses included.

Cost: $1.49   trial: 1 hour


Track your Fitbit pals on a radar screen.

Cost: $2.29   trial: 1 hour


Tired of tilting your head when your watch is in your charging stand?

Cost: $1.99   trial: 1 week

Sliding Puzzle

Tap to slide tiles to complete the picture.

Cost: $0.99   trial: 1 hour

Spy Cam

Send an image from your phone or laptop camera to your smart watch.

Cost: $1.29   trial: 24 hours


Clear and easy-to-use stopwatch.



Streak will help you by keeping track of your daily or weekly tasks.

Cost: $1.49   trial: 3 days


A logic puzzle that will keep your mind sharp.

Cost: $0.99   trial: 2 hours

Web Images

Send an image from your phone or laptop camera to your smart watch.

Cost: $2.99   trial: 2 days

Always-On Display

The Versa 2/3 and Sense have an always-on display feature that may be enabled. Our clockfaces and apps try to make this feature unique. Here are our always-on display solutions for some of our apps. At most 20% of the pixels are activated, saving battery power on the device.
Display Edges
Web Images Edges Web Images
Dim Image
Web Images Edges Web Images
Custom AOD
Tides App Tides

What About Ionic and Sense?

Pocket Golf
Although the example screenshot are all displayed using Versa devices, all our clockfaces and apps are also designed for Ionic and Sense devices.

Almost all Ionic, Versa, and Sense devices are supported, and our apps are designed to work both with and without the hardware buttons.


We live year round in a harsh North Atlantic offshore environment and rely on tide and marine weather data to plan our marine activities. Over the past two decades, we’ve tried dozens of apps and dedicated watches (Nixon, FreeStyle, Pebble and others). With Fair Tides on the Fitbit watch platform, Matt Clark has created the most useful tide and weather data display that we’ve ever used.

Written as an update to the popular Pebble watch face of the same name, the Fitbit version displays more information in a more readable format that is elegant, beautiful, and useful at once. At a glance, we can view the current tide level, whether we have a water level sufficient for boat work in a tidal cove, wind velocity and direction, barometric pressure, and a five day NOAA text forecast. That’s more information than we get with most of our computer and device apps put into a wrist-readable accessible form that’s a pleasure to view.

Indeed, this watch face has proved so useful that it has become our one go-to data source for all of our marine-related activities. We check it constantly throughout the day. Coupled with the 5-day battery life, waterproof, bright Versa 2 watch, it’s been a welcome update to the Pebble/Fair Tides platform.

We urge anyone involved in marine activities — fishermen, commercial fleet captains, surfers, sailers, oyster farmers, coast guard personnel — to check out Fair Tides. Amazingly, it’s a free app, though we would have gladly paid several hundred dollars for it. It’s that useful.

James Li

James Li

F/V Thélème
Muscongus Bay, Gulf of Maine

We gave our son for his birthday a FITBIT Versa 3, with the idea that he could roam freely without having a mobile phone on him, yet never get lost. So we were a little disappointed when it turned out that the native apps on the Versa 3 were rather limited and offered no such functionality. We set out looking for a suitable app and we were very happy when we found Radar from GORGES. By using the Radar app the Versa 3 becomes a veritable "homing device".

However, when we installed the app it turned out that the app did not make use of the native GPS built into the smartwatch. For two days we were disappointed, then we contacted GORGES via the website. Matthew Clark reacted immediately and was really friendly. Within less than a week the app had been updated and now it also makes use of native smartwatch GPS!

Abe can now roam outside unlimited, yet always find his way home. It will also be useful during one of our holidays in the wilderness of Finland or Italy. This way, he doesn't (yet) need to bring a phone with him.

The app looks exciting and it contains nice coloured icons that mark different locations (that you can custom set). As far as we're concerned Radar is a must for everybody who wants to make use of the native GPS function of the newest smartwatch models. We wholeheartedly recommend it!

Maarten & Abe Lever

Maarten & Abe Lever

The Netherlands
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FAQ and Support

Here are common support questions and suggested solutions:

Chosen images do not display (Foto, Slideshow)
Fitbit devices do not transfer large files in low-power mode
Try using the Advanced Image picker instead of the Basic Image picker
Advanced Image picker has multiple methods of transfer
Weather not working (Slideshow, Foto, others)
Verify Internet Access and Location Services are permitted in the Fitbit smart phone app
Try manually setting the location to a latitude and longitude
Switch to another weather service (since NOAA does not work outside USA)
No maps appear (Map)
Verify Internet Access and Location Services are permitted in the Fitbit smart phone app
Try switching to other map services (such as HERE or MapQuest)
No tides appear (Fair Tides)
Tide information is only available in the USA from NOAA monitoring stations
Verify that Location Services and Internet Access are permitted from within the Fitbit smart phone app
Check your Fitbit smart phone app to allow Location Services to also work in the background (i.e. set it to Always On)
Try manually entering a latitude and longitude in the settings page
What are those weather icons? (Fair Tides)
speed &
I don't want the clockface or app anymore
Uninstall the clockface or app using the Fitbit smart phone app
App is not installing (Sliding Puzzle, Loopt, Chess Puzzles)
Some apps such as Sliding Puzzle, Loopt and Pocket Glider are large watch applications and may take a while to install.
Installing using Bluetooth is slow, whereas WiFi transmits more information efficiently.
Ideally these apps should be installed when WiFi is available and enabled, and your watch battery charge is high since Fitbit disables WiFi when the battery is low.
App is not uninstalling (Sliding Puzzle, Loopt, Chess Puzzles)
Try restarting your watch and iPhone
Contact Fitbit since it is a Fitbit operating system issue
As a last resort, factory-reset your watch
Settings are not changing
Sometimes the communications between the smart phone and clockface or app fail. Try power-cycling (turning off and on) both your Fitbit and your smart phone.
How do I pay for my app?
Open the custom settings for the watchface or app on your Fitbit smart phone app. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see an End Trial Now switch that can be toggled.
Or just wait until the trial ends!
You will be asked to enter a five-digit code at the payment site Follow the instructions on that page to pay.
Why is it asking me to pay again?
All our apps only requires a one-time purchase.
Sometimes purchases are forgotten when a device updates firmware or a new device is purchased.
Just go to and click the Already Purchased link.

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This site showcases the Fitbit clockfaces and apps created by founder Matthew Clark. GORGES is a software company specializing in web, mobile, and wearable application development.

Matt's first smart watch was a Pebble purchased in 2013. His first app was a clockface that displayed weather information, which was voted best app in the first Pebble user poll by the leading Pebble app site. His pebble apps are available for free at

Although smart watch app development was originally a hobby, Matt and GORGES have contracted to build apps for eBay, PayPal, iControl, and other companies.

Why are some Fitbit apps free and others cost a dollar or two? The free apps were developed for fun and challenge, and the paid apps cover hosting and license expenses. Some of the more complex apps require Internet proxy, storage, and websocket services, and the free Map application has commercial mapping license costs. Donations are also suggested and appreciated for the free apps such as Fair Tides and Peg Solitaire.

Interested in custom wearable development, or have a wearable app idea?   Contact us!